Garganey Consulting are happy to discuss your data formatting, analysis or presentation needs, for print or electronic media. Whether you need a single diagram for a scientific paper or a whole series of maps for a wildlife distribution atlas, we can produce the “picture that is worth a thousand words”. We will work closely with you to understand how best to visualise your data and with staff at your publishers or printing company to streamline the error-free inclusion of the images into the publication.

To date it has been normal to publish annual county bird reports in paper format, with the fixed page size and static format restricting the ways that the data can be viewed. Dynamic web-based publication can present some kinds of data in new ways that are not possible in print. This is something that we can help you with.

Our typical charging structure is a fixed price for mutually agreed deliverables, although follow-on support arrangements are also possible if needed. Reduced rates are available for regular annual processing of similar data.

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