One of the biggest challenges in working with electronic data is converting it from one format, sequence or structure to another as software and standards change. We have extensive experience working with many different data formats and are happy to assist with any data conversion needs you may have.

For example, if you are struggling with the advances in avian taxonomy impacting the order in which you should be presenting your data, we can help. If your data is labelled with a historical set of species names we can convert and re-sequence to match current terminology. For ornithological data this includes Wetmore (1930, 1951, 1960), Voous (1977), and more recent changes in species names and sequences adopted by the British Ornothologists Union (BOU).

Many UK bird clubs have seen an explosion in the quantity of records they receive, particularly as a result of casual observations submitted to BirdTrack. We can help extract the higher value observations from this important source of records, based on detailed criteria defined by you.


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